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Welcome to our (official) home on the interweb. The Trailer Trash website hails from a Trailer Park deep in the Lancashire countryside. But who are we? What do we do? & why do we do it?
Well, let us start at the beginning…

During summer 2002, a chance meeting at the trailer park - that we like to think of as fate – gave birth to Trailer Trash. After a few small scale parties, we moved on to our new home, the Mill in Bradford, on the 31st May 2003 for the first of many all-night sessions.

That first party established the Trailer Trash music policy; diverse musical styles spread over two dance-floors which showcase the considerable talents of our 7 resident DJs alongside carefully selected guests, sometimes local & sometimes from further a field.

Over the last few years Main Room has reverberated to the techno sounds of Mark Turner (Orbit /Player), John Berry (Orbit/E-Bloc), Paul Cottam (Action/Locked) Karl Roscoe (E-Bloc), James Holroyd (Back to Basics/ Bugged Out), Danny Webb (Piccadilly Records) & Miles (Pelican Neck/ Baked Goods). Breaks & Tech-House have been supplied by Felix (10 Kilo) Wreckage (Wall of Sound) & local techno outfit Bopstag! (Midnight Recordings / B.O.P.S) & Acid Rockers (Mantra /Fat)

The Lounge Room has also seen its fair share of guest DJs including Sean P (Disco not Disco/ Better Days), Moonboots (Aficionado) Mark Jackson & Spanish Fly, Sean Vinylment, Danman & Bongo Chilli (Underground Roots), Slackerears & Dillinger P (Bug Out/ Chapter 4), The Future Sounds of Pudsey (Sandinista) & Joe Black (Crabwalking /

Alongside this attention to musical detail, Trailer Trash also has an unusual line in club décor, which is made entirely from recycled & revamped items donated or scavenged from charity shops & spruced up by the Trailer Trash decor team. Described as a cross between a clockwork orange, the Adams family & Steptoe & Son, the decor is inspired by an original mixture of influences with a few religious icons thrown in for good measure, which creates an unusual setting for the party faithful.

The Trailer Trash experience has been described as an ‘indoor festival’, which is hardly surprising when you consider that we spend our summers bringing the Trailer Trash Lounge to a variety of festivals including the Beatherder (2006), Mawbray (2005/06), Palgowan (2005) and the Rocket Festival in Spain (2006).

As the name suggests, the Trailer Trash crew share a love of Airstream caravans & unusual vehicles.

Finally, we think it fitting that we should send out a heartfelt thank-you to everyone – and we do mean everyone – who has ever been involved with Trailer Trash. So if you’ve ever deejayed, lifted, carried, cleared-up, staffed the door or gate, or helped out in any other way, give yourself a big pat on the back from us. Extra special thanks also goes out to the party faithful who make the whole thing worthwhile….cheers!



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